[FHD] My Classmate Slipped Some Aphrodisiacs To My Mom And Now She's A Raging Horny Slut! Her Body Is Craving For Orgasms, And She Doesn't Even Care That I'm There! "Please, Stop!" She Screamed, But In The End, Her Pussy Was Hungry For Creampie Sex

Date:Dec. 30, 2016 Runtime:486min. Languages:Japanese Subtitles:—-DVD ID:JUJU-119 Content ID:juju00119 Actress(es):—-
Series:—- Studio:Jukujo JAPAN / Emmanuelle Channel:—- Director:—- Label:Jukujo JAPAN

[FHD] Thanks To My Mom, I'm Having Sex With Her Friends Every Day This Mother Exercises Total Obedience To Her Shut In Son He Doesn't Want To Go Outside, But He's Got More Than Enough Lust For One Person, So He Orders Her To Rent Him AV Videos, And Give Him A Handjob Or Blowjob Whenever He Wants One As Her Son's Demands Become More And More Extreme…

Date:Jan. 02, 2017 Runtime:244min. Languages:Japanese Subtitles:—-DVD ID:HUNTA-244 Content ID:hunta00244 Actress(es):—-
Series:—- Studio:Hunter Channel:—- Director:Kawajiri Label:Hunter (HHH Group)

[FHD] If You Captured A Schoolgirl At A Bike Parking Lot And Left Her Tied Up With A Aphrodisiac Laced Vibrator Shoved Into Her Pussy, Begging For Help While In Orgasmic Ecstasy, Can You Avoid Fucking Her? All Creampie Ver.

Date:Jan. 02, 2017 Runtime:176min. Languages:Japanese Subtitles:—-DVD ID:AP-384 Content ID:ap00384 Actress(es):—-
Series:If We Leave Her With Aphrodisiacs and a … Studio:Appachi Channel:—- Director:Kunioka Label:Apache (HHH Group)

[FHD] Couldn't Wait to Get Home & Peaked Outdoors: High School Girls So Turned On By Aphrodisiacs They Masturbate in Public Places! 3

Date:Jan. 06, 2017 Runtime:193min. Languages:Japanese Subtitles:—-DVD ID:NHDTA-932 Content ID:1nhdta00932 Actress(es):—-
Series:She Can't Wait Until She Is Home An… Studio:Natural High Channel:—- Director:Hopeless Dainana Label:NATURAL HIGH

[FHD] Forbidden To Have Sex Or Enjoy Masturbation For A Solid Month, She's Ready To Explode With Lust! A Spasmic And Orgasmic Lust Filled Fuck Suzu Mitake

Date:Jan. 12, 2017 Runtime:150min. Languages:Japanese Subtitles:—-DVD ID:SNIS-817 Content ID:snis00817 Actress(es):Suzu Mitake
Series:Convulsing and Fucking With Wild Abandon Studio:S1 NO.1 Style Channel:—- Director:Ichigohara Label:S1 NO.1 STYLE

[FHD] "I Just Want To Touch Them Once!" I Drug My Voluptuous And Busty Teacher With Sleeping Pills, Enjoy Her Curvaceous Body And Creampie Her Repeatedly! 2

Date:Jan. 13, 2017 Runtime:175min. Languages:Japanese Subtitles:—-DVD ID:VRTM-226 Content ID:h_910vrtm00226 Actress(es):Misa Arisawa, Yurina Aizawa, Rena Fukiishi, Natsuko Mishima
Series:"Once Is Enough I Just Wanna Touch … Studio:V&R PRODUCE Channel:—- Director:Ken Hosokawa Label:V&R PRODUCE